“Once a Bunny” is a documentary series on women who spent time at Playboy Bunnies at one point in their lives, and have since moved on to surprising different and incredible careers. Our pilot episode highlights the life and story of Polly Mantzinger, a Playboy cocktail waitress turned world-famous NIH laboratory scientist and immunology theorist (our plan for the second episode would be the life of Carol Sharkey, the mother of Bon Jovi and a former Playboy Bunny turned US Marine). The documentary format will be a few revisited and recreated scenes from the past coupled with video, photos, and narration by the former Playboy Bunny herself (Polly for example, is currently 57 years old and would be our “golden years” narrator).

“Once a Bunny” was inspired by the elements of the Dos Equis MIMITW that involve taking something familiar to the audience, such as the phrase “feet get blisters,” and turning it on its head into “shoes get blisters.” With OaB, we reveal an often surprising side of the life of Playboy Bunnies and challenge conventional thinking about their career aspirations and profiles. The women that we have chosen to highlight have all achieved incredible success in their lives and can therefore by aspirational to a female audience, while retaining their sex appeal to the male audience through the telling of their time as Playboy Bunnies. It is our intention that the narration of the story by the former Bunnies themselves will add to the relatability of their stories.