Marlene and Me

This show is a shoot-off of Parks and Recreation, and centers off of Leslie Knope’s smart and sassy mom, Marlene Griggs-Knope. 

Its desirability lies in the fact that it will already have a following (of Parks and Recreation fans). Marlene is relatable because she is a single mother, a woman in government, and does what she needs to do to get things done. She got to where she is now (Board of Education Chairwoman) by playing tough. She isn’t afraid to admit this, and has gone through some crazy love stories, political incidents, and of course the raising of her daughter, Leslie Knope.

Our Pilot episode is about Leslie running for high school class president (17 years earlier than the present). She would like to run a clean campaign, but Marlene thinks otherwise and imparts her “political experience” onto her daughter’s high school campaign. For example, she slips weed into a batch of her daughter’s brownies for the stoners at her school, and gives some worthy advice to Britney, your typical popular airhead.