Big Woman on Campus is the story of an elderly woman who realizes after an argument with her daughter that she wants more from life. As she reflects on her past she realizes that she was once a vibrant young woman, loved by all. She realizes that she has given up on her old self for so long and has become an old, timid woman. But a timid woman no longer. She decides to go to college and fulfill her wishes. Turns out, her daughter teaches at the same college and is her professor! BWOC explores the way this elderly woman navigates through college life while getting up to speed on the current generation’s slang, social media craze, view on relationships and friendships, and more. 

Desirability: BWOC is a light hearted comedy that will also take a look at generational differences. The woman is not only motivated by her own dreams when she was younger, but also motivated to make her daughter proud of her. BWOC will go through four seasons, the four years of college. People of any age can watch it. It’s desirable for teens and young adults because the setting is a college campus and things that the woman experiences are typical college experiences… with a twist. The woman lives in a dorm and has homework and exams. It’s desirable for older people because it will show how the woman will try to fit in with a younger generation.

Here are two scenes: