by post_author

My desirable piece for this week is the Korean/Oriental Grocery Store HMart in Central Square — I went there for the first time last week, and I was blown away as soon as I entered. The opening space is very sharp, chrome, and exciting, and has a food court sort of feel that generates buzz within the store that you feel as soon as you enter. Due to the architecture and arrangement of the grocery store portion of the space, you really have to commit and enter fully into the space in order to get to the groceries; the entryway literally opens up into higher ceilings and shelves fully stocked with colorfully packaged foods. I would imagine that the store has had to develop a good reputation based on the quality of its prepared and grocery foods in order to capitalize on the market for Oriental food in this area of Boston, but going to the store is such an immersive and stimulating experience that it really sticks out in your mind. I’ve only been there once, but HMart was so distinctive that I wouldn’t even look to go anywhere else for any Korean groceries or prepared foods. 

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