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For our first episode, the scene opens with Rose Falkman waking up in a hospital bed. Her waking up is symbolic of a new Rose, who is not at all afraid to indulge her impulses and even grabs her young doctor’s ass.

After being discharged and cleared from the hospital, Rose’s daughter Kathleen takes Rose to the grocery store to stock up on “superfoods” to support Rose’s recovery. Upon seeing healthy food in the shopping basket, Rose removes the items and grabs “real” foods (i.e. chips and salsa, chocolate, guac) and heads to the cash register. This is the second time (after grabbing the doctor’s ass) that Kathleen notices a change in her mother’s attitude. When Rose shows up to the register, the cashier, who is the definition of ratchet, is having a loud conversation on the phone with her boyfriend. Rose does not put up with the cashier’s sass, so she proceeds to grab the phone from the cashier and end her conversation. Kathleen and the cashier stands there shocked as Rose calmly places her items to be scanned. Again, Rose gives 0 F****.

Later that night, Kathleen calls her mom. Kathleen has made plans for Friday night and asks Rose to pick up Jane, Kathleen’s daughter, from a party. Rose initially gives her daughter a hard time for assuming she didn’t have plans on a Friday night. But, Rose who will do anything for Jane, accepts and tells someone off the phone with complete authority that they will be changing their Friday plans. When Kathleen hears and questions who Rose is speaking to, we discover that the attractive, young Dr. Brian is at Rose’s apartment.

In the next scene, it is Friday night after Rose’s date and she shows up with Dr. Brian to a typical high school house party to pick up Jane. Rose confidently says she will only be a minute and heads into the house alone. In the party Rose is told that Jane is upstairs. Rose explores various rooms revealing embarrassed teenagers in various stages of sex. Rose is unfazed until she finds Jane. It is obvious that Jane has been coerced into a situation she feels uncomfortable in. Rose fearlessly strides across the room, throws the inappropriate boy aside and rushes out the door with Jane.

In the car, after dropping off Dr. Brian, Rose takes a moment to talk to Jane about what had happened at the party. Here we see Rose playing the role of a compassionate and wise grandmother, who consoles and advises Jane on how to deal with men. The pilot ends on this note, leaving the viewer with the image of Rose as a relatable grandmother figure, and ultimate badass at the same time.

Future episodes:Future episodes will be based around Rose being both super-agent and super-grandma. Some possible episode ideas we developed include:

Episode 2- Jane unknowingly accompanies a friend to meet a drug supplier. Things go south when the supplier and Jane’s friend get into an argument. Luckily for Jane and her friend, Rose’s intuition detects that there is something amiss with Jane. Rose tracks Jane, with a guns in her hand, and deals with the situation

Episode 3- We discover that Dr. Brian is actually an undercover agent who had been assigned to investigate Rose’s condition. Upon reporting her newfound energy caused by the brain injury to his superiors, the agency decides that Rose would potentially be a good candidate to return to field work. Rose is offered a freelance position and a chance to go back to her days as a secret agent.

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