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A comedy for the entire family, Betty’s Billions stars one of America’s greatest treasures and entertainers, Betty White. Single and just making ends meet working in Lansing, Michigan, Betty’s life dramatically changes when she receives a package letting her know that a little company she invested in called BackRub has since become Google and has earned her more than $1 billion. But not wanting to give her newfound riches to her greedy siblings or to the now countless suitors lining up only because of her wealth, Betty stumbles upon the “want” ads in the local paper and discovers a more worthwhile mission: to give the money to those who need it most in her community to help them reach their dreams. Come join Betty as she meets a lovable and zany cast of characters and provides any help she can, from turning a middle school kid’s simple science fair project into a fully functional volcano complete with its own biosphere to traveling with an astronomer to the moon, and much more! In each episode, Betty takes on one case to help – tune in to see how Betty spends her billions!

By bringing in Betty White, we have a star whose charm and recognition can appeal to all people, young and old. This starring role also depicts the main character as strong, funny, and warm, following her on adventures throughout the community.  While most shows that feature older characters portray them as the “wise statesman” or the “kooky grandfather,” Betty looks to break down those walls and find a place in all of our hearts through her authenticity and humor. Her interactions with the cast and a story that’s set in Michigan will also expose wider America to a place that is not often depicted on television. The show’s appeal and desirability can be found in the story’s plot device – each episode has a self-contained adventure as Betty takes on a new case and works with a new character to lend a hand and help.

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