This Ziiiro ‘eclipse’ watch is desirable because of its air of excitement, and more interestingly its focus on minimalism. The dark circle ringed with gold alludes to a solar eclipse, a very rare event, and the classic metal strap completes its feeling of luxury. However, the more interesting aspect of this piece is its focus on simplicity. When you look at watches, the high end ones often have 20 diamonds, three hands, and way too many numbers. Even the low end watches almost always have numbers, a date, or at the very least, the brand of the watch. In an age of infinite digital information, limiting the displayed information to a rough time is the best step a watch can take towards simplicity. This watch says of the wearer: “I’m so confident and relaxed I don’t need to know the most accurate time – the world will wait for me. I don’t need to flaunt a rolex either. I own nice things but am humble about my wealth.”