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What I’ve Got – The Flavour Conductor

While thinking about sensory advertising and immersive experiences, I was reminded of the Flavour Conductor. In this project by food design studio Bompas & Parr, a church organ is filled with Johnnie Walker Blue Label and programmed to emit calibrated sound and light effects. Particular sounds and imagery are paired at different times with the aim of bringing out the whiskey’s six distinct tastes. Throughout the performance, participants are hopefully able to distinguish between peat, malt, fruit, wood, and spices. For example, co-creator Harry Parr says that “During a performance of Symphony in Blue, the effect on the audience is compelling, and it really does help you pick apart the rare depth and character of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.” Regardless of how true this would be for your casual whiskey drinker, I would love to try this machine. We rarely take the time to consider the multiple notes in our food and drink, let alone take a multi-sensory voyage to discover them.  There are two primary reasons this project is desirable. First, its drama – the theatricality of the church organ, music, and imagery makes for a fun and memorable experience. Second, the intensely personal journey it encourages – I want to know if I can detect those six flavors, and the only way to do so is to wholly participate.  

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