The Experience

The Bramble is an escape from frigid temperatures and stale
routines. Enjoy acting like a kid again as you explore The Bramble’s greenhouse
and take on ever-trickier ropes challenges. Test your balance and courage on
the Tire Traverse, and team up with your friends and family to take on the Log
Jam and Wild Woozy. The Bramble’s jungle atmosphere is year-round, providing
outdoorsy fun in even the chilliest weather.

During the day, The Bramble is a perfect outing for families
and younger groups. The daytime experience features child-friendly modified
courses and ends at the Bramble Grill, where adventurers can relax and enjoy lunch
and refreshments. At night, The Bramble transforms into a 21+ playground, where
friends can relive the creative merriment of childhood playtime and then settle
in for some cocktails at the end-of-course Bramble Bar.

The Arc

Each obstacle requires mental and physical fortitude. The
beginning of the course features individual challenges that are the right
combination of fun and formidable. Get silly as you bounce along the Burma
Bridge, and try not to shriek as you cross the Swing Traverse. When the course
transitions into group tasks, the obstacles’ physical and creative demands
progress with each challenge. Work with your team to cross daunting chasms,
balance on precarious planks, and squeeze through holes of dubious size. No
matter your personal strength or experience, negotiating The Bramble will stimulate
your imagination and make you feel like a kid again. For the final challenge, groups
must solve the King’s Finger in order to complete the daunting Nitro Crossing.
A cold drink awaits the victors, just one big swing away.   


The Bramble caters to the outdoor adventurer who happens to
like a nice cocktail. It caters to the nature-lover who wants to defy the
seasons. It caters to the modern kid who wants a videogame experience in a real-world
setting. It caters to the world traveler who only has twenty dollars to spare. And
most importantly, The Bramble caters to parents and friends who want to ditch their
grownup pretensions and head back to the playground.


The Bramble is a type of adventure that can be hard to find.
It is physically challenging, intellectually-stimulating, spontaneous, and
affordable. It fosters group bonding, as these challenges require a high level
of trust and interdependence. Best of all, there do not need to be losers for
the course to be thrilling and rewarding.