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The Experience
Fallen is an adrenaline packed adventure like no other, a departure from the daily humdrum of the lives of many people (professionals, students, academics, and more) living in cities like Boston. Fallen starts from the moment the two players enter an abandoned car parking lot. When they step out of their car, they are captured by prepaid actors who put sacks over their heads. The ‘bad guys’ are plotting something dangerous and want to get rid of the two players for trespassing on their territory. So, the players are thrown into a dark room. Unlike other challenges, this game is not to figure out what the evil plot is. The essence of the game is for the two partners to work together and trust each other as they go through a series of high stakes, exciting challenges to get out of the terrible situation. The goal is to get the players’ fight-or-flight mode pumping as they go through timed challenges and feel like they are being challenged to survive.

Story Arc

Story I
Partners are thrown into a pitch dark room with no discernable exit. Sacks are to be used as knapsacks. The couples’ hands are untied and they are free to move around and explore and can take what they find in the room as long as it can fit in their knapsack. Rope is placed in a seemingly arbitrary pattern around one of the walls. Although that rope could be taken, couple has to realize that the rope is there to climb on to the next floor.

Story II
The next floor is filled with running machinery. It’s hectic and noisy and frightening. There are gauges on the wall notifying the partners that there are 15 minutes before the machinery is going to self implode. Meters on the machinery are verging on red, and only when all the gauges turn green will the two doors out unlock. There are two doors and both people have to go through different doors. The doors will only fully unlock if both people are in front of their respective doors and go through them separately.

Story III
One door leads to danger: this person will find themselves in a locked glass container while the other person is on the other side of the glass, free. In this level, the two have to figure out how to get the person in the glass out safely. The partners have to create a Rube Goldberg machine setup that will open the glass.

Story IV
The couple, now together again, has to scale walls which are lined with rocks. Many rocks line the walls, but some rocks are squish or sticky or too cold or too hot, playing with the players’ perception of touch. Only a few rocks are actual rocks. There are three levels to this wall of rocks. In the middle level, the walls will close in slowly and menacingly so the people have to get up as soon as they can to the next level. The walls can stop closing if the people insert a metal rod or something that they have found in the first room.

In order to fully escape Fallen, the couple has to jump off the side of the building, to the bottom of the parking lot where their cars are located. Cushions and acrobatic type netting will be below for safety purposes, and players can forfeit the game and merely walk down stairs if they are terrified.

Dual Desires
Most people have daily patterns and rituals. They get up in the morning and go to school or college or work. They eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes they go to concerts or events with friends. But there’s a part of people that wants more. A part that wants excitement and thrill. A part that wants to be heroic or bold. Fallen caters to this desire for thrill and flings people into a high stakes, scary scenario where the only goal is to get out. But we didn’t want to focus on having to figure out an evil plot; so, the focus of the game is on surviving. There’s only one path out to be a daredevil hero, and the players must do all they can to get out and be the ultimate survivors.

The Fourth Wall
This wall is broken right at the beginning when actors come to throw the players into the game. The actors will be fierce to incite fear and concern in the players.

The game will take place in an abandoned parking lot. The players will start on the first floor and find themselves at the end on the top floor. This makes the cost cheaper as abandoned parking lots can be found in many cities around the U.S. Only two people will be doing the mission, so in that way it is exclusive. The challenge is original in the way that it is many action-adventure themed, but also gives the players a chance to do something precise and mechanical—create a Rube Goldberg machine. The challenge is desirable because it will feature things that usually aren’t found in cities: jumping off the side of a building, and wall climbing as the walls close in. Ultimately, anyone is allowed to take the challenge, but it’s only the people who truly trust each other who can succeed.

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