I recently went to a career info session for Converse and really had my eyes opened to the power of this brand —- there is no other shoe that consumers are actually excited about getting dirty and worn in. I have personally never worn converse shoes or chuck taylors specifically, but I know from friends’ experiences and my own observations that someone the crisp white or black of a traditional pair of Chucks actually invites the wearer to dirty them up, to draw on them when they’re bored in class, to wear them on outdoor adventures and get them muddy and ripped, as opposed to having consumers want to preserve the clean appearance. Somehow Converse products are presented as blank canvases that consumers make their own, and I believe this is incredibly unique and a really interesting way for a company/brand to operate. It seems to me to be really risky and dangerous to have so little control over each consumer’s experience of your product, but I think Converse has been popular for long enough that there is still overall customer loyalty to the brand and recognition that the opportunities Converse presents to its customers is rare and to be valued.