by post_author


Google Zeitgeist or Year in Search is an extremely effective marketing tool. It starts with “In 2014 we searched trillions of times… what do these searches say about us?” And it goes on to display the most searched phrases, names, and events through a montage of music, film, and images. The video is extremely appealing and gives the search engine a very human side. While the majority of the time our Google searches are for mundane, little facts in this video Google tries to remind us that we are really searching for things like hope and courage when we google the phrase “Malala Yousafzi” It humanizes the searches. Google reminds us that we search to make sense (of tragic events), we search to remember (those we have lost), and we search to be inspired. This brilliant campaign really imbues meaning to the trillions of Google searches we make each day and reminds us why Google is such a loved and respected global brand. The moving Zeitgeist video really leaves viewers with chills as an entire year is reflected upon through the lens of a search engine. 

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