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The Experience

Pre-Stage Prep: From the moment you walk in you are made to believe that you are a pop/rock star. The receptionist “fangirls” as she signs you in. Once signed in, your producer whisks you away to complete everything there is to do before the big show. First you go to hair and makeup where you are shown fabulous outfits while stylists do your hair for the big night. After wardrobe, your choreographer comes by to show you some last minute changes in the performance and have you practice the routine. You practice your songs/dances a few times through so that you can perform so you can be confident and ready to rock when you get to the stage. After practicing, you then go backstage to wait. At some point someone introduces you on stage and you hear the crowd go quiet.

Performing: As you walk on stage the crowd erupts, cheering for you. It seems that you are performing in front of thousands of people; the crowd seems to never end. (In future versions of this experience you can choose your performance venue) You perform your song(s) and while you are performing your crowd is interactive. Their response is based off your stage presence and also the accuracy of your performance. If you are a failure the crowd will throw things on stage or begin to leave. If you are the next musical legend, the crowd cheers and sings along. At the end you even have the chance to jump into the “mosh pit”. You can take as much liberty as you want performing, either staying in one place or jumping around; sweetly playing the guitar or smashing it on the ground. The choice is yours; you do what you need to do is wow the crowd. 

The Technology

To create this incredible experience we utilize virtual reality goggles that you put on the moment you walk into the building. In the prep stages of the experience you see a mix of virtual goggle projections and what your eyes would normally be seeing. This is to get you used to the idea of responding to the virtual reality goggles. By slowly integrating the computer images into what you are seeing, you are more likely to believe in the completely virtual onstage experience. Your singing/performing will be done through Rock Band like instruments. Actual musical prowess is not required for this experience. You choose your music through a karaoke-esque machine that lists different song choices. To begin your performance, the backstage curtain is pulled back and at that point the goggles turn to a completely virtual world. You walk “on stage” to a room complete with sensors in the walls and floors that tell the goggles where the limits of your surrounding are. There is also a foam pit in the room for those who want to jump into the mosh pit at the end of their performance. The room also uses state of the art surround sound technology to make the experience more real.  

The Duality/Desirability/Exclusivity

This experience is for those who are aspiring musicians and for those who have given it up. Everyone at some point has dreamed of being a star, but most people choose more practical paths instead. The Hollywood Bowl was created so you can have your moment of glory without having to sacrifice the life you lead. It is also an experience that tries to simulate a real crowd and show you if you have what it takes to actually succeed as a pop/rock star. 

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