Ferran Adrià & The Bulli Factory is the ultimate escape experience for the foodie in all of us. A combination culinary contests, laboratory experiments, and art challenges, the Bulli Factory engages every sense to unleash your creative genius each and every step of the way. Follow us through this exotic journey as you seek to win the coveted Golden Ticket granting you access to an international dining experience with Señor Adrià himself in Catalonia, Spain.

El Mercado

The first step in Chef Adrià’s creative process is finding the right ingredients for his dishes in the vast markets he visited around the world. Participants will undergo a series of blind taste, smell, and touch tests using ingredients from some of his most popular dishes like the Vanishing Ravioli. Unlike traditional taste tests, participants will have to engage with unusual objects to determine their matches. One test will include blindly licking wallpaper the flavor of roasted pine nut praline, which is a key ingredient in his transparent ravioli dish, and guessing its composition. Another test will require participants to dip their toes in a river of flavored oils and using scent and touch to identify the type of oil. The code cracker will require a texture-matching test where participants are given an ingredient and a set of doors with handles. The right textured handle will lead them to the next round…

El Taller

The culinary laboratory is the natural next step in Chef Adrià’s process where he performs experiments with his ingredients and perfects his world-class recipes. Participants will be challenged to mix a batch of ingredients to create Adrià’s famous culinary foam. Also, using laboratory tools to create the Mentholated Pond a dish in which the chef played with the idea of using water vapor to carry flavor. To unlock the door to the final level, participants will plate their concoctions mimicking the aesthetic of culinary presentation that elevates food to an art form…

El Estudio

Critics argue that food is no art given its temporary nature; however, this round challenges continues to immortalize Adrià’s work in two-dimensional art portraits. Using materials that participants have to seek and find in the room, they will be challenged to recreate images of ingredients and dishes on canvas. The winner/s from this challenge will then receive the greatest prize, the highly-coveted Golden Ticket, which earns her/him a spot in Ferran Bulli’s exclusive dining event in Catalonia, Spain.