by post_author

Much of the problem I diagnosed with SkyMall was not only its inability to engage the senses of its consumers, but also its inability to have its products tell a story that captivates them. This part is important, because the only way you can appeal to your consumers is by having the products themselves tell a story or create a mindset that the consumers want for themselves. Hence, when I chose to work with SkyMall’s floating gondollier (shown here:, I decided to flip this unimaginative storyline that the original SkyMall photo was telling and make this edited image. This product now transports consumers to the streets of Venice, Italy, a global tourist destination (insert video:, using its image projection capabilities that projects over the pool itself. This is the heart of what this product represents and what the consumer is actually interested in. By framing the product as a way to get closer to this romantic destination, I think users will be more enthralled to purchase this product. I further believe that tying in the vacation component is relevant to the SkyMall consumer, as they notably are travelers skimming the magazine on their way to a destination or on their way back. They are either eager to spend out of excitement or want some vicarious form to make the joys and pleasures of vacationing extend. This product can provide that for them. 

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