TheaterThreat is the mixture of adventure, tension and a lot of fun! Save the lives of many people by preventing the bomb from exploding! This unique immersive experience throws your right into the role of a special task force member and is truly a race against the clock. 

Background story
The Grand Theater of the city is having its flagship show tonight, and just after the beginning there turns out to be a bomb threat. As the information is really sensitive and not secured and the show is broadcasted, no one in the theater gets informed. The players are the only informed ones and are sent out on a special mission to find out more about the threat and solve it.
The real-room challenge is set in the the backstage area in the basement. Continuously the damped sound of the show going on upstairs is present, sometimes interjected by enthusiastic applause. The dressing room which the players are sent to is kind of a mess, with the present smell of hairspray and makeup, which promotes a truly multisensory experience. A Cell phone keeps updating the players on information from the operation controllers or can be used to provide additional hints. 

Challenge description
Firstly, the players have the task to find the bomb. As it is said to be somewhere in the dressing room, the players will eventually find a safe that makes some kind of ticking noise, but is secured by a 4-digit lock. To find the combination to open the safe, the players have to find out that it is equivalent to the number of lightbulbs working next to the makeup mirrors. After opening the safe, the players discover the bomb itself, which has a countdown on it and cables with different colors. The advisor tells them to cut the blue wire, which only reduces the time of the countdown. However, the players also get the information that the actual terrorist is one of the actors, which puts a twist in the search strategy and is the reason why they have to intensively search his belongings. Consequently, they find some kind of torch, which has an ultraviolet light modus. To cut the next correct cable, they will have to find out that one of the cables is painted with fluorescent paint, which gets visible using this torch. Having solved this task, the countdown does still not stop, but the players are advised that the actor is who put the bomb there is coming back to redress for the next part of the play. That means, that the players have to put everything back in order and hide somewhere to make sure he won’t recognize that they are there. While they are hiding, he opens another door to another small room that has previously been locked, but does not lock it again. In order to rise tension to the climax, the actor also nearly opens the safe again to make sure everything is alright with the bomb, but finally has to go as someone takes him to the next act. In the newly opened room the players have to find the manual for the bomb. The cover of an air shaft at the top of the room is not completely closed, which implies that the manual will be there. In order to reach it, a teamwork approach is needed as the players have to carry one person up to get the manual out. Finally, with the manual, the players can finally deactivate the bomb and solve the overall task.

This room challenge allows the player to become part of a play usually only present in an action movie and plays on the mysteriousness and somewhat unpredictability of actors and theaters. The tension and seriousness to find a solution is omnipresent and allows the player the unique possibility to assume the role of their favorite detective or action movie hero.