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Our immersive experience is marketed as a series of different vacation destinations that guests can choose based on their preference. The destinations might include cities such as Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, and Rio. It brings the vacation experience right to you and your partner. Together, pairs must navigate the new city and solve the challenges together.

The experience cultivates exclusivity by requiring that guests must have had some previous relationship connection between them, whether as an engaged or married couple, a father and son, siblings, or best friends. Furthermore, it may attract a self-selecting population that is seeking opportunities for world travel. It caters to dual desirability because while it attempts to mimic a vacation experience, the experience adds twists you would not otherwise expect. It is in general desirable because it brings the cultures of each destination right to you, without having to travel anywhere. The experience provides a multi-sensory experience that allows you to taste and smell the food, hear the language, and see famous landmarks. It is meant to provide you and your partner with a memorable experience and give the push you might need to one day actually travel to that city. It can be further expanded to include more destinations depending on customer feedback.

The experience starts off with you and your partner at the airport. Your challenge is to hail a taxi to get to the market. You are led down a hallway to separate rooms. One partner goes into a room and is given the secret phrase “Take me to the market” and must give clues (without saying the actual word) so their partner can guess each word. The rules are similar to the game Taboo. The twist is that the phrase is in the language of the chosen city (French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish) so the partner must first translate it. Clues can be found around the room in all languages so he/she must choose the ones corresponding to the correct language. Once partner 2 has the translated phrase, they must use the clues in their room to translate it back to the original language.

After saying the phrase to the taxi driver actor, they are again separated. One person must go through a room with lasers while blindfolded. The other person is standing outside the transparent room and must give directions to get their partner through the room safely. The twist here is there will be a soundtrack playing of people speaking in that foreign language to simulate being lost at the market. The blindfolded person must listen closely to hear the instructions. One wrong move and they must start over, while the soundtrack gets louder and louder with each successive restart.

Once they are successfully past the market, they move into the sightseeing room where they must put together puzzles of five different landmarks from the chosen city. After completing each puzzle, you will receive parts of a recipe that you must put together in the correct order to move on.

The last challenge has to do with smelling and tasting ingredients related to food from the chosen city. You must first smell several boxes of ingredients and match the correct ones to the recipe of ingredients you just put together. After that, you will be given plates of food and must smell and taste each plate in order to write down the list of main ingredients. When you are done, you may enjoy the rest of your food. Congrats!

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