One of my friends is a math genius. The other day when I walked into his room I was impressed by his collection of books on mathematics, and I realized that his books were all almost the same color. This piqued my interest because yellow is not a common book color and not a color I at all associate with math. When I think of math I think of the blue hues that I have punctuated the photo with.

 My friend explained to me that the books were yellow because they were made by a German publisher and most German published books are yellow. This added another element of surprise because I have never considered yellow a very “German” color. 

Math is a serious subject and Germans are generally considered to be structured and stoic. Yellow seems far too vibrant a color to be dominant in either field, yet the evidence shows the contrary. The warm hues sharply contrast, and change a little, my preconceived ideas and feelings of math, and also German style.