I decided to focus on a set of ergonomic kitchen knives and tried to enhance their sensory appeal, focusing on appearance and taste. The original image is displayed below and my image is displayed above.

The original was very plain: it didn’t show purpose or bring much sensory appeal to the product. I laid images of the knives on top of pictures of the food that one could use the knife to prepare. By doing this I was able to bring a more exiting palate of colors to bear and to try to engage another sense: taste. I believe that this was effective and think that my poster is more eye-catching than the original. The range of colors makes it more interesting to look at and the addition of the food both suggests purpose to the knife set and tries to engage the sense of taste. The color scheme is clean and bright because i see the product as young and focused on light work, rather than going for a more heavy-duty, classic look that is better suited to more expensive, restaurant quality knife sets.

I tried to keep text to a minimum because I don’t think that most modern consumers are willing to take the time to read long written samples. Instead, I tried to explain the purpose and desirability of the product through the images. I selected three buzz words that I think are desirable in a knife set and set them above images of the knives, adding the product name and distinguishing characteristic of the knives at the bottom of the page.

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