The left one is Kansas City Steak from SkyMall. In the original description, it contains words like aged to perfection, tender and juicy, the perfect choice to entertain friends around the backyard grill. But when looking at the picture, you feel it’s very dry, not like the description at all! So the modified product (Right) describes the steak in the usage context(grill) and the smell air  conveys it smells very good. There are some oils coming out and the bottom part is more red, it shows the freshness and tenderness of steak. And there are textures on the top. My purpose is to use visual elements to give user clues about other sensations when interacting with the food. 

“Choose Kansas City Steak to entertain friends. The smell attracts everyone around the grill, and even your neighbors. A single bite of the steak allows rich-flavored juice to permeate all over your mouth. Feel the texture on the top and tenderness inside: elastic but easy to chew.”