Have you ever been in an airport and seen a kid struggling to keep up with their parents because he was carrying his bag? Maybe the parent gave in and just started carrying their bag for them? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a suitcase that allowed kids to easily get their bags across the terminal in a fast and fun way? Introducing the Jetcase, a cool new way for your kid to fly through the gates with his or her belongings. Luggage can be distracting, clunky and hard to carry, with the Jetcase your children will be able to carry their own things and keep up while enjoying the environment around them.

This was inspired by an original ad on Skymall the Reloaded Micro Kickboard Carry-On Luggage Scooter, and as cool as an idea it was, it would be hard to see a full grown adult ride around in one. By rebranding the product and targeting a different age group, I think this product has the potential to be much more successful.