“Celebrate Easter with these egg bearers that will elevate your aspiring artist’s beautiful work. The smooth glass of the base is complemented by a felt interior to cradle these delicate creations.”

These gilded eggs are intended to be used as cases for your ‘tiny treasures’, but it seemed like a warmer use would humanize them and make them seem less gaudy. The ad focuses on the visual and tactile aspects of the product, but seeks to tap into a few other senses as well: the father is making delicious omelet pastries, appealing to the viewers senses of taste, and smell, and to the specific memory of eating omelets on Easter morning. The white kitchen background was selected to establish the feeling of a quiet and relaxing morning.  While this product has only gained a little utility, the warmth I tried to incorporate stands in stark comparison to the original advertisement. I chose this product to work with because these eggs were ranked least popular out of all the ‘Home and Garden Accessories’, a category I usually associate with the uselessness of SkyMall products.

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