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Grillight LED Grill Light / Spatula is an interesting combination of products, but some people complain that they have hard time imagining the occasions this product could be used. They consider Grillight as a single-purposed object.

Taking iPad’s “Your Verse” campaign as an example, Grillight
is rebranded through a series of images implying the connections between the product and your life. Whether you are enjoying Tokyo night view from the skyscraper rooftop, having sunset party at Barbados Beach, or operating an outdoor grill bar, Grillight can definitely be part of it. It demonstrates simplicity in design, versatility in function.

The light component is easily detachable, and a series of other grilling tools are already made available for you to install the same light with a simple push. The light is rechargeable, dimmable and available in various hues, making Grillight the most imaginative and environmental-friendly tool ever. It is dishwasher-safe after detaching the light, and the light can be used like any other flashlight products for more than 10 hours per

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