When you go on trips longer than three or four hours, you’re given a blanket. Although the blanket might be warm or you can just ask the flight attendant for more, the size can be quite a hassle. I’ve struggled many times trying to fit the exposed parts of my body (my extremities especially) in the blanket, usually having to crumple myself up as much as I can go feel warm. But then there’s also the problem of my ears being cold and me being unable to take my hands out for fear of the blanket’s finally perfect arrangement to slide away. I’ve seen people who are much taller or bigger than me face the same challenge or worse challenges. Basically, I think one major aspect of comfort on a place is how warm you’re feeling because planes can get cold, especially of you have window seat and the air outside is freezing. So I wanted to expand on this neck and body blanket idea. I think it’s a good idea because you’re hands are free. But now that they are free I want them to be able to do things. So I think having the blanket be remote controlled for heat would be a good idea.
Additionally my ears get cold on flights and I’ve realized that having earphones around my head is not only comfortable but also allows me to sleep better if something is really noisy. So the blanket will not only be heatable but also appeal to the sense of sound to create a peaceful, calm mood, (or noise canceling completely silent mood) for the passenger to sleep well.
I believe this will take comfort to the next level.

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