by post_author

I decided to improve upon Skymall’s boring, useless Hydrant Statue. The sensory experiences of my ad include:

Sight: The color green is quite prominent in the ad, so the viewer associates the product with eco-friendly technology, and a beautiful lawn. Also, the words tinkle and sprinkle match their respective liquid colors.

Hearing: If the advertisement were a video, then sounds of lively sprinklers and barking dogs would play in the background. 

Touch: I tried to create a feeling of soft, luscious grass with the picture of the hand touching grass. Seeing this picture might cause the viewer to imagine feeling nice, hydrated grass.

My improvements to the statue include a urine collector, water filtration system, and sprinkler system. The base of the hydrant would collect the urine of neighborhood dogs, and that urine would be cleaned and filtered before it enters the sprinkler system. The product is aimed toward residents in drought-ridden regions, like California, where the local government limits the amount of water that citizens can use to water their yard. Obviously this is a ridiculous product, but I thought I would go for a kind of product that might exist in the Skymall catalogue. 

Taking a cue from the reading, I wanted to appeal to the buyers by eliciting the image of having a green lawn, “greener on the other side” kind of lawn. 

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