Compared to other fun products in SkyMall, this humidifier actually owns elegant and nice design. But it is really strange that on the web page of this product, the images shows how the product looks like on the deck of harbor which is mostly urban environment. But this is a product for home.  And there is no human experience about the humidifier at all. So the improvement focus on those points. Firstly, it is something looks really nice at your home, fitting your modern style furniture very well. Secondly, it is something that can benefit every family member in every corner of the room, including your children who likes to play on the floor. Thirdly, it brings not only
humid air, but also the fresh and clean experience which is similar to how you feel in the rain forest. Rain forest which is humid and natural often associates with the idea of therapy and re-energize process.  So it is not only about humidity, it is about health and comfort which is one of the ultimate concerns in family.