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I was immediately drawn to the Kickboard Carry-On Luggage Scooter ( because of its mix of fun and practicality. I renamed the product Cruise and made 5 key changes. First, I wanted to add a personalization aspect, allowing the consumer to pick from 6 darker, warmer colors that relay individuality as well as suggest calmness, because travel can oftentimes be stressful. I added an external battery that is capable of charging laptops, cellphones, and other handheld devices to the handle of the bag, and a cupholder to the sit of the bag to avoid throwing away drinks because one’s hands are “full.” Finally, I added both a bluetooth speaker into the actual structure of the bag, as well as a tracking system that can be linked and activated with one’s smartphone. It’s clear that the bag is fun, but I wanted to really add to the practicality by remedying many of the problems that travelers face in airports. This product is for everyone–from the frequent flyer to the airport-hater, this carry-on bag/ride will make traveling a convenient experience. 

Sight is a key sensory experience in my advertisement. The visual component is big: motor/movement is emphasized by my product, as the image of the man riding Cruise is one of the clear focal points of this advertisement. I also wanted the consumer to be able to experience–to feel–the ride, so I had that picture take up half of the visual space. I took a minimalistic approach to this add (for the most part) to promote a sense of simplicity–a feeling that I wanted to transmit so that the consumer can envision their traveling experience becoming simpler with the product. I also used the color indicators to draw one’s focus to the words and descriptions. The descriptions are simple and to the point: a list of “nevers” that are universally applicable and gets the consumer to imagine oneself at the airport or in the terminal–hearing, seeing and smelling the full experience. This advertisement is all about getting the consumer to remember just how horrible traveling can be, and showing them that the Cruise can fix it.

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