by post_author

I chose to redesign the “Personalized Cell Fone Flask”. This
product caught my eye not only because of its novelty but also because of the cheap
look it gave off. After thinking more about the product, I figured if it’s
going to look like a cellphone, it might as well be a functioning one. My
product is a case for your smartphone that contains a rectangular extrusion to
store your liquor. It is improved from the original product because the
cellphone is actually functional. In addition, the smartphone is a lot sleeker
of a disguise than a cheap looking fake cellphone. Because your smartphone is
always by your side, the convenience of the improved product means you will
never forget your flask. The product is now seamlessly integrated into your
every day life.

A flask serves multiple purposes: to conceal liquor and to
provide the possessor with the ability to slip in a sip here and there in
places that may or may not allow alcohol. I chose to focus the multi-sensory
experience on taste. Assuming the interested buyer is one who has tasted hard
liquor before, I chose words that would resonate with the viewer, such as “sweet”
and “warmth”. In addition to taste, I wanted to viewer to be able to feel the
flask in their hands. Because more and more people have smartphones of their
own, the smoothness and shine of the iPhone image is something that viewers will
be able to imagine and resonate with. The visual part of the advertisement is
in the demonstration of a man pouring liquor into the smartphone flask. This
shows the viewer how they would engage with the product, thus forming a stronger
mental image.

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