by post_author

I chose to improve the inflatable screen because it seemed like the typical goofy SkyMall item that would actually be pretty fun to have. I gave it multiple functions so it would interact with the senses in different ways. It interacts with the visual by providing the destination for viewing, the screen, at multiple scales. It interacts with touch by being the comfortable surface for resting and it plays music so your hearing is included as well. Taste and smell would be interacted with at a periphery level, for example, the taste of the popcorn while watching your movie, or the smell of the woods around you while you’re camping. I chose to represent the product in a similar fashion to the original skymall ad, by showing a context in which the buyer might use the product. I tried to increase the desirability of the context from the dolphin movie in an irrelevant location to a more atmospheric example of how fun the experience of “180 AIR” could be.

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