The Skymall item that I decided to improve is the Wine Essence Kit ( To improve this product, I changed the name to Wine 101. This name is more telling of the purpose of the product– to introduce beginners to the intricacies of wine tasting. I think the product itself very much appeals to taste and smell– as wine aroma can be as important was wine taste. I specifically chose to highlight color in my advertisement to evoke the feelings of warmth that are often associated with wine. The original advertisement had essentially no color that made it appealing or unique. The dark reds, deep browns, and pinks add a richness. I chose to have a modern, minimalist, young design to appeal to the 20-something demographic that is the target audience for this product. Also as part of the advertisement, I included a sample of a piece of music that could typically be heard at a wine tasting or classy dinner party. I wanted the advertisement to hint at a lifestyle that a 20-something could achieve if they follow the course of Wine 101 and learn how to identify and distinguish wines based on aroma and taste. With Wine 101, the consumer is buying into a new experience that can eventually change the way they socialize.