by post_author

The senses:

1. Audio: The shower heads are attached to a bluetooth audio device, for example, your iPhone.  You can play your iPhone through the shower head speakers to whichever song you want.  That way you can leave your phone outside of the shower.

2. Touch: with each pulse of the music the strength of the water coming out of the shower head changes.   For example, when the bass drops, the pulse of the water strengthens.  Therefore, the touch sensation will depend on the beats of the music.

3. Scent: There would be two buttons on the side of the shower that would designate whether you would want shampoo and conditioner.  You would press one button, and that would be shampoo, and the other would be conditioner.  You would have to fill the spaces with the shampoo and conditioner you would want.   The shampoo and conditioner would squirt out of the shower head while the music would still be playing. 

4. Sight: The colors of the shower head changes with the song…it would reach the whole spectrum of colors.  The variation of the colors would depend on the beat of the song.

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