Do you love
France or ever wanted to go there? Get this unique Parisian and French flair right
into your living room! The monumental and impressive shape of the gorgeous
Eiffel-Tower, the smell of freshly baked French Baguette and Croissants that
come along with your petit dejeuner in one of the lovely cafés on the lively
streets of Paris, the airy and animating sound of that street musician playing
the accordion on a warm sunny morning, the full-bodied taste of a great red
wine with some refreshing grapes and aromatic cheese when the sunset begins,
all that gets packed straight onto your table with this handcrafted cast iron
tea light holder.


I chose to optimize this Sky Mall product
because the original presentation was surprisingly ineffective and made it no
attractive at all. It did not only lack any kind of connection to the original
building, but also it failed to emphasize the feelings, emotions and memories
that can be stimulated with a model of such a characteristic building. To
improve on that, I designed a collage featuring ‘typical’ French food,
landscape and people. This is based on a quite stereotypical perception to reach
as many people in their mental associations as possible. Since the form of
presentation is a collage, it emphasizes the visual sense most. This is why
also the friendly and vivid colors also work to underline the general evoked
atmosphere. However, the other depicted objects, such as the musician playing
the accordion and the food excite the other senses, such as hearing, taste and
smell. These effects concur to a holistic multisensory experience which will
create strong connotations with this desirable and positive atmosphere.