by post_author

The SkyMall product that I chose to improve was the Magic Wand Remote Control. Regarding product design, I want to add a feedback loop to the wand. When an action is performed with the wand, (ex. movement upwards to change the channel) magical noises are played in order to immediately communicate results of the action and engage the user’s hearing sense. This addition is meant to alleviate the frustration of people who may move their wands and not be sure if that specific movement is doing anything to control the TV. Immediate feedback also will lessen the learning curve of the different wand movements. The users will first HEAR the magical noises when a correct wand movement is performed and then will SEE the results of the movement reflected on their TV screen.

Regarding the image on the SkyMall website for this product, I decided to focus on depicting its features. I chose an earthy color scheme to go with the image of Hermoine in the woods and the feature that the wand is made out of wood. I chose to show this picture of Hermoine because she evokes emotions with her facial expression, and she (& the Harry Potter series, in general) is a pop-icon that people would want to relate to by buying the product. Lastly, I chose the word “flick” to illustrate the movement of the wand, “oak” to elicit the feel and smell of oak wood, and “magical sounds” in order to appeal to the hearing sense.

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