I wanted to update SkyMall’s Discreet Pen (http://www.skymall.com/2gb-discreet-ii-pen/CMP111.html), a pen that also doubles as a small microphone. I wanted to cater to students and tech-savvy people by removing the microphone and instead including a USB drive and small camera. By clicking the top of the pen, users can take a picture of documents or important files, which they can then look at later by plugging in their pen to the computer. Users can also upload computer files onto the pen, so they can always have access to those files on the go. A valuable pen and work companion, it’s been renamed the PenPal. 

I emphasize visual cues with this advertisement by using short words, bold colors, and a modern type-face. The short words are supposed to capture the viewer’s attention. The blue and magenta backgrounds for the camera and USB functions emphasize innovation. They are bright, playful, and youthful colors. The red background for the basic pen function represents warmth, familiarity, and its “classic” use. The modern type-face encourages the viewer to see the pen as something different.

The words used in the ad appeal to the sense of touch and sound. The capitalized letters of CLICK, PULL, and TWIST give off their connotated sounds, and the viewer can picture doing the action with his/her hands. The description at the bottom makes the object feel sturdy, but also comfortable in one’s hand. 

With the bold, singular images and words, the ad hopes to evoke a sense of desire in the user. The useful functions make this a pen that stands out from its peers.