Scratch – Ice Ball

by post_author

Link: Scratch – Ice Ball

To improve Skymall’s “Ice Ball” <>, I have used a variety of sensory inputs to more viscerally communicate the expected experience. Rather than use flavor customization of the ice ball as a fringe benefit (like Skymall eludes to), I decided to find an image that features this capability as the central experience. To highlight this, I chose orange as an example due to its broad appeal and well-known sensory experiences. In combination with the variety of colors and textures of an orange, I added a layer of sound both to the orange slice and the orange flavored ice ball to “satiate” the desired connection between the two elements; essentially making the connection between the fresh qualities of real fruit with the crisp addition of an ice ball in a refreshing drink. Customers should buy this product if they would like to customize their preferred fruits for a hot-summer’s midday refreshment.

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