by post_author

Tennis has been a big part of my life ever since my sister and I grew up watching our parents play at the local park. The tennis balls have always been a curiosity to me because they can range from yellow to green. The picture shows two sets of tennis balls—one with the still legible ‘Wilson US Open’ lettering in black and red that is so distinct and recognizable to many tennis players, ranges closer to yellow. The older set is greener and coated with a layer of grayish dirt which makes its lettering illegible. The bright neon yellow of a freshly opened can of tennis balls always evokes a sense of excitement. As cat fur tracks all over its owner, neon yellow-green fuzz sprinkles throughout my clothes after an intense workout, which always has me feeling energetic. The greener balls have lost most of its fuzz after being smacked around hundred of times. To me, the faded green gives me sense of accomplishment because the ball is worn out from my practicing. The range of colors that a tennis ball goes through represents the different emotions I go through from excitedly opening a new can to tiredly wrapping up after a day’s work.

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