I first discovered Valrhona’s chocolate fèves or discs when the popular food blog Smitten Kitchen posted her interpretation of the infamous New York Times recipe for the ‘perfect’ chocolate chip cookie. The idea of introducing this level of luxury to something as ordinary as a chocolate chip cookie was stellar to me, and the image has never left my mind. An image of the Valrhona ves was enough to make me aware that I had entered a league of baking chocolate far superior to anything I had previously encountered. The disc shape makes the chocolate easier to measure, it allows the chocolate to bake evenly, and it also cuts out the time you would spend cutting a bar of baking chocolate into pieces. If you’ve ever baked, you know this process is difficult and messy, and more time-consuming than you’d think. Chocolate chips don’t come at the same quality level as baking chocolate, and also the enlarged size of the disc disperses the chocolate evenly throughout the cookie. It is a simple design, and one that seems so intuitive and obvious once you see it, and yet I so rarely see it utilized, I think it deserves to be highlighted for it’s desirability.