by post_author

My idea of a a compilation of colors representing the spectrum of human emotion was inspired by Professor’s paintings of the people who were denied from the Nobel Peace Prize.  I found this clear sphere full of paper clips in my drawer, and realized that this sphere could represent the human brain, and the variety of colors of the paper clips represents our array of emotions that we have the ability to feel all the time.  Human emotions are fleeting, and can be very complex.  Sometimes we don’t know what we’re feeling so we try to simplify it, or ignore them, which is frustrating for ourselves and others at times.  I represented this simplification of attempting to understand our emotions by posting five mini sticky notes on the top of the sphere.  There are many more colors, or emotions, represented in the selection of paper clips, but there are only five major colors, or emotions, prominently placed on the top of the sphere.  

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