Hey gang, I’m joining in from the Education school, excited to learn principles of design to help those in the ed tech community better understand how products can appeal to audiences. The past two years I worked in Korea’s education system, and I wanted to use this week’s assignment to capture the challenges of teaching in an environment that emphasizes rote-memorization.

Korean students often learn English as a series of grammar principles and memorized rules. Because of this, opportunities for students to engage the language or express creativity are often unrecognized by teachers. For example, my co-teachers would have their students write weekly English essays on a variety of topics. A lot of the student work would have really interesting, creative content and give insight on their lives. But for the teachers, they rarely considered the content when grading and only focused on flagging grammar errors and mistakes. The words on the page didn’t matter and could just be background noise. The only thing of consequence was the number of bright, red lines shouting back at you. 

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