I found that I had the strongest emotional reactions to the objects around me when the color of the object made me feel a physical sensation — when really paying attention to the color of my Extra Polar Ice gum gave me a small shiver, when seeing the dark amber Fireball bottle made me feel hot in the stomach (could be a few reasons for that one), and when seeing the different shades of blue on the eyedrop bottles reminded me of soothing and cooling. As I analyzed the objects around me more with this perspective (when color=physical sensation), I understood a bit why I find the deep, dependable red of my winter hat comforting as a shield against the #snowpocalypse. 

This exercise was interesting to me because I had trouble determining when color was the reason for my emotional reaction to objects, or if a back-story to the object was what was causing my emotion. Maybe my bedroom was a tough environment for this kind of thinking, because everything in it had a layered story — my reactions to the objects were more complex than just reaction to the color. I think doing this exercise in a more foreign setting would have yielded some interesting results.