Challenge 8: Good Vibes

by post_author

Link: Challenge 8: Good Vibes

We have found that hits aren’t necessarily original. Our main inspiration for this song was “ABC” by the Jackson 5. It was actually based of the chorus of a previous Jackson 5 hit “I want you back”. We chose to include this bite because we felt the sound would cause people to feel nostalgic (in a good way!) and remember the pure fun and carelessness of their childhood. We also wanted to draw on the retro vibe of “Happy” in our piece as well.

Our ideal song would be danceable and with the optimal beats per minute of 119.80. We were able to get our song to be 110 bpm.


Our target audience is anyone that wants to dance and be active. We want to bring people to their feet. Ideally it would be listened across age groups from teenagers to grandparents.


Using the tunes assigned to us and a few songs, we aimed at making a unique song of our own. Although it is based on previously recorded sound bites, we think that we have changed the original versions enough to have an original song.

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