What I’ve Got: Osteoid Cast


The Osteoid Cast is a 3D-printed cast estimated to speed bone-healing time by up to 40%. 3D body-scanning technology will create a perfect shape of the person’s limb, which enables the cast to be a perfect fit. The two cast pieces are held together by a flexible pin. Leads over the broken bone can be included for ultrasound therapy. This product is desirable in its ability to heal bones faster. Casts are frustrating and the longer one is needed, the more the muscles atrophy, also extending recovery time. The product can match specific attention to detail by locating the exact fracture and designing the cast to immobilize it. The product can be organically substituted for current technologies. The product is human in its emphasis on ventilation holes – a common frustration with casts is the clamminess caused by not having a breathable environment. For these reasons, the product is desirable. However, in order to be truly desirable over the long-term, a method of recycling the casts would be necessary.

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