Ichigo Ichie

by post_author

Link: Ichigo Ichie

“Ichigo Ichie” is an app for tourists who want to get cultural experience in Japan.
Guidebooks tell the tourists what place to visit and lots about city information, however, they rarely mention where tourists can experience local tradition.
In my field work, I realized many people who are interested in Japan are eager to know more about culture.
This app shows what kinds of activity they can experience by their own.

Another feature is that it has a function to connect tourists with local volunteers (ex. college students).
I includeds this function because of two reasons.
In my field work, many people said that they are worried that Japanese peopel are not familiar  with foreigners, or they have no Japanese skills.
On the other hand, many of my friends in Japanese Univbersity want to have opportunity to interact with foreigners but they don’t have chance to meet with them.
I want to conncet these tow needs.

Ichigo Ichie means

“Treasure every meeting,
Treasure every experience,
For it will never occur again”

in Japanese proverb.

I want to give great once in life experience for each tourists of Japan with this app.

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