beeLine: The Fastest Way to Shop


How many tabs do you open when you shop online? Do you find them frustrating, excessive, and complicated? Does your need to shop online with tabs prevent you from using your phone? You aren’t alone. We have become researchers rather than shoppers, and this fundamentally changes the way we work. Research suggests that we spend 10-30 minutes researching through countless websites, with at least 3-5 tabs open at the same time, even if we know what we want.

What if your research could be all in one place? Introducing beeLine – the mobile app that makes shopping on your phone easier than shopping with your web browser. Go from research to purchase in one unified, streamlined process – a unified browser, a unified product catalog, and a global cart with two click purchasing. We track your accounts and fill out all of your information for you. We offer a substantial tab system to allow you to save all of your product research in the system, whether products from our catalog or URLs.

Filters: some people love them, some people hate them. We offer two options – a human readable interface and a substantial number of filters. And yet, if there is one thing social media has taught us, it is that humans can provide the best recommendations and feedback.  Want to contribute to our database? Anyone can post a great find, and as an added bonus, we will share the click-through revenue with our users who break the best products.

beeLine – cut through the hassle straight to your favorite products.

Demo the app here.

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