Link: NV

Like to shop but don’t have the time? NV is window shopping on the fly. We often don’t have time to browse online for an outfit much less go to a store and search through dozens of racks looking for “the dress.” NV simplifies this process by utilizing rapid browsing via a speedy swiping user interface.

The app is simple. “Dresses,” “Shoes,” and “Accessories” buttons are there for a quick and easy start. On the home page is a login field for users who wish to save their finds. Browsing for a dress or pair of shoes is as easy as swiping right for a like and swiping left to pass. Ideally, this app would have an algorithm that would help determine the right dress based on these preferences. If properly crowd-sourced, users should be able to browse through hundreds of dresses and shoes based on their color and style. Each dress has its brand, price, and a link to buy. Swipe and find the dress for you. 

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