Meet Bridj

by post_author

Link: Meet Bridj


The Bridj will take you directly between each point on the map. Meaning that users in Brookline can take a Bridj that goes non-stop to Kendall, Harvard, or Back Bay. On average, this saves our users about an hour each day compared with public transit. 


Each Bridj is top of the line. When you enter, you’ll be greeted by an attendant who can provide you with a curated selection of snacks and beverages. When you sit down, you’ll be able to flip open your laptop or tablet to get some work done on our complimentary WiFi (or just play Flappy Birds..). 


Using the Bridj to move around the city is incredibly affordable. For only a little more than a subway ride, you can get to and from your destination quickly and easily. If you commute using Bridj, the entire expense may be tax deductible.

I’ve chosen to highlight Bridj because it shows that what’s desirable for the private sector may be undesirable for the public sector (MBTA) as this company aims to directly compete with the already existing public transportation system in Boston. 

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