DRESS ME: An app designed to help women find "the dress" for special occasions


Link: DRESS ME: An app designed to help women find “the dress” for special occasions


Dress Me is an app for any woman who is looking for a special occasion dress (and maybe shoes) on the fly. We often don’t have time to browse online for an outfit much less go to a store and search through dozens of racks looking for “the dress.” Dress Me simplifies this process by utilizing rapid browsing akin to Tindr’s online dating platform, but rather than finding a date, you’re finding a dress. 


The app is simple. “Dresses” and “Shoes” buttons are there for a quick and easy start. On the home page is a login field for users who wish to save their finds. Browsing for a dress or pair of shoes is as easy as pressing an “up arrow” for a like and “down arrow” for dislike. Ideally, this app would have an algorithm that would help determine the right dress based on these preferences. If properly crowd-sourced, users should be able to browse through hundreds of dresses and shoes based on their color and style. Each dress has its brands, prices, and link to buy. Swipe or tap and find the dress for you.

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