Crunchyroll Remake app


Link: Crunchyroll Remake app

I remade an app of Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is an application which enables user to watch animation/ dramas for free. But if users register for paid account, they can enjoy additional features, for example, watching content without advertisement. 

This app is simply-made, and easy to browse the content. Unlike other movie archive such as YouTube, the content is categorized so neatly.

In order to make it more organic, though, I add 2 new features.
For the page of “favorite list (the page name is Home-my-queue)”, I made the page look like shelf, so that users can enjoy the feeling as if they are collecting DVDs/ actual materials. 
I want to give users an experience of enjoying collecting, and keeping track of what they have watched, since I think this is what is lacking in recent online streaming compared with good old VHS/DVD era. 
I will add this feature for paid account users.

Second feature is comment function.
I want to offer shared experience for users. I took this idea from the website called NicoNico Douga and app called twitch.
They can enjoy interact with other users and express what they are feeling while watching.
Of course, there might be some users who prefer watch anime/ drams without being annoyed by flood of comments, so I attached the option button with which users can choose if comments are visible/ invisible.

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