I am marketing this towards a higher end clientele and more specifically, those that live in a region that is near water.  I wanted to concentrate on the word “pure” of the “pure quality” slogan line.  I noticed the change in the redesign from 2005 to the 2012 logo (the one used today, see picture: http://www.slate.com/content/dam/slate/articles/business/operations/2012/06/120515_OPERATIONS_polandspringsbottles.jpg.CROP.original-original.jpg) demonstrated a shift in concentrating less on the forest elements of their branding and more so on the water components, for this reason, I wanted the water to be the primary focus.  The sizing of the current logo (varying the lengths with the ends being the tallest letters and the middle letters being the smallest) accounts for the curvature of the bottom to make the word appear to be the same height.  I wanted to play to the curvature of the bottle and for this reason the tallest letter is the “P” of pure, meaning this letter and more importantly, this word will really punch.  I believe this helps accomplish my goal of concentrating on the pure elements of water rather than the branding itself.