As someone who does not spend much if any time playing iPhone games, I have always been unsure of why games like Flappy Bird are so addicting.  A few of my friends have been involved in an informal Flappy Bird high score challenge.  The game outputs a final score once the user “fails” or “loses.”  It is this final score that makes this game so addicting.  With the constant pressure to beat the high score of your friend or to outdo your last successful Flappy Bird session and the lack of baggage carried over upon starting a new game, this game has becoming culturally relevant to a wide demographic.

As many of you may  have heard, the developer of Flappy Bird has taken the game off of the market.  For the lucky few who already own this game, great!  But for those who did not have enough foresight to download the game before it had vanished from the Market store, the game is unattainable, thus making it desirable and putting those past players in an exclusive club of Flappy Bird players with foresight.